septiembre 13, 2022
How Can I Identify and Handle Addiction Triggers? 6 Tips

You can avoid all the external triggers in your life and still have internal triggers that make you think about drug abuse or alcohol abuse again. There are many common addiction triggers that can lead to persistent thoughts and images of substance use. Drugs and alcohol are often used to self-medicate mental illness and mask […]

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septiembre 17, 2021
Alcohol Tolerance Lowers As You Age: Why Older Adults Need To Drink More Responsibly

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis leads to widened blood vessels in the face. With time, this leads to loss of skin tone and a permanent red color. Also, a person may have heightened risks of developing skin infections. It can deteriorate your skin, muscles, organs, and brain. Facialist-Recommended: Your Ultimate Guide To Effective At-Home […]

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